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Caroline Hoogstrate

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I am Caroline Hoogstrate, daughter of a mussel fisherman from Yerseke. Love brought me to the City of Light, Eindhoven. For years I worked as a group leader, including crisis reception, with multiple handicapped people and in a reception center for adolescents. Always with a lot of joy.

I am also experienced in private home care, including older people in their last stage of life.

When I read something on the internet about Reconnecof tive Healing, something happened inside me. It did not leave me since, it was in my head at every turn. The simplicity, power and humor of the life story of Dr. Eric Pearl touched my heart. I felt so many things happening inside my body, my hands were warm and I my body was tingling all over.




On the internet I noticed that Dr. Eric Pearl and his team luckily came to the Netherlands. I immediately registered myself for the entire seminar, level I, II and III. During these days so much has happened to me. I have learned so much and experienced wonderful things. It was a great experience. There were over 800 people for level I and level II, from around the world, including many doctors and scientists.

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It felt like I found a long lost treasure. I am very pleased and happy I can offer you this in my practice Bethesda and that it is so successful to so many people. I look forward to meeting you. "the Music of your life is in your Instinct"

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