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Healing Experiences

Hetty shares:

I received a Reconnective Healing from Caroline Hoogstrate. Her way of Reconnective Healing is an amazing experience. In a blink of eye you get what you need and what needs to be healed and Reconnected. Whenever I receive Caroline´s Reconnective Healing I feel, without a doubt where I belong, who I am and the safety of the Universe. And it sticks with me for a long time. It is an experience where you feel surrounded by love … a golden heart! Thank you Caroline.

The story of Veronica and Derk:

The Book The Reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl came on my path in 2004, read it in amazement. I became enthusiastic and recognized a lot from my own practice but in a different form. Thru circumstances it remained in silence until the time was right for further developments and growth. So I came on the site of Caroline and I immediately felt this is where I want to go, also my husband was very enthusiastic and said I would also like to make an appointment.

I got a very soft, dear candid woman on the line, Caroline. We had an instant click and had a fine conversation. Well, two people in one week, that’s a lot, because that's kind of what we wanted before the end of the year, the Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection. Caroline that sweetie said, it's my week off, but I do it for you. When we met it was like a great warm bath and recognition.

Such a unique experience, but that did not stop upon entering because the treatments were so loving and the experiences where we have gone through, it is actually awesome so much. And for each of us unique and individual with a lot of follow-up care, patience, interest and recognition. We believe that spreading it in this way is a serene and pure way of recommending Caroline’s method of working to be welcomed and to recommend it to everyone who wants to come in contact with the Personal Reconnection.

What it has brought us is beyond expectations, if we would have had any. It has certainly given us grounding, development, joy feelings that we live in body and being. Our gratitude is great, dear warm Caroline.

Jacco tells:

The healings were great. I first had a Reconnective Healing. In this healing a lot became clear. I have experienced very special things, but especially lots of information about my life path. After that I had the personal Reconnection. This was less intense, but took more energy.

It is a different experience for everyone. My experiences were very intense, they can also be a lot milder. It is up to you as a person and the guides that you have with you. Meanwhile it is Friday and my last session was on Wednesday. I have loads of energy, positivity and love, but it is also exhausting. My body must accustom to the new energy flow, so mentally I am not tired but physically I am. Also I notice that my eyes look different because I came to terms with myself.

This Reconnection will be with you your entire life and you will attract the right energies that belong to your personality and soul. It is a great trip and a great experience. I had the sessions in 3 days so I am a little exhausted now and above all tired. You can also spread the sessions so you will have more time to relax after each session.

I can definitely recommend it. For me it is still not fully opened and effective, but that will surely grow in the future. By reading the book you get to know the experience and you know what awaits you. So if you are seriously considering doing this, then I advise you to first read the book. In addition, I reommend Caroline Hoogstrate, because these healings are one of here expertises and also she is a beautiful person, so the experience becomes funny and beautiful. A special experience and an amazing beautiful message that will stay with you for the rest of your life. An absolute must.

Patty shares:

For my experiences with the Reconnection I just plunged into my diary. During the sessions I felt a strong REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and small muscle contractions in arms, belly and legs. The pressure of the energy in head, legs and feet became greater. After the sessions I was incredibly tired, especially after the first one. At night I had intensive and various dreams. In the morning I was very tired, but more alert than before.

After the second session I was more emotional. Two days after the second session, a great weekend: I was cheerful, happy, I danced and I sang. It felt like present grief dissolved and made room for energy and power. I was very surprised and asked myself: is this happiness? I do not know this feeling ...

That night in bed I realized that I already lay awake for half an hour with a big smile on my face, full of energy. The great feeling of the days before was a bit weaker, but I know that the Reconnection will bring me much. I am happier, I laugh more and louder and I am more positive and feel supported. It feels really like a reconnnection already.

Gerrie shares:

Wow! That's in one word my experience as regards to the Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection. After a somewhat lesser experience elsewhere, I fortunately found my way to Caroline. All the experiences with her were great.

My first Reconnective Healing felt like a hot loving bath, just wonderful. I saw beautiful colors and felt like I was in a loving cloud. For quite some time I felt like this. The following Reconnective Healing was wonderful again, different than the first one, but still super. I felt so peaceful, I almost did not recognize myself.

After that I received the Reconnection. Again there were beautiful colors but now I was not lying in a cloud, but around my head I felt a tingling bubbly feeling and the rest of my body seemed connected to the electricity. It was a super experience which I didn't want to miss.

Because I already work with Reiki for many years, I knew the power of our universal energy, but this is many times stronger. I also notice that in my own hands, there now is an additional force field at work.

After a few weeks I still feel that peace in myself, I am more confident and also do whatever my heart tells me and it feels good! Thank you for this special experience, I would do it again any time.

Hanneke tells:

The reason that I asked to have The Reconnection done by Caroline was that I wanted to move on. I wanted to be more in touch with myself, get clear what I really want and what my life´s purpose is. At one point I just knew that this was the right time to do it and I immediately asked Caroline, while I am otherwise quite hesitant.

Immediately after the first healing, the dog I wanted for years came my way. We fit perfectly together and the dog is exactly what I wanted all the time, but I never saw the possibilities to keep a dog. He is a nice boost for the period after, because after The Reconnection there was much unnecessary clutter which came out. It was hard for a while, but I always knew that it was good as it went.

Now, some two months after The Reconnection I slowly have the feeling that I no longer need to be ´looking´ for something, but that I myself are more shaping and creating. And that is what it is all about in life; make something of yourself! There are certainly times when I don´t completely understand myself, but The Reconnection is far from being ´worn off´, that I know for sure! Caroline works in a very sweet, respectful way, with both feet on the ground and with a touch of humor at the right moment. It is nice to see that Caroline is always surprised about what happens at these sessions and she always listens carefully to you. Under your guard every little chick becomes a swan. Caroline, thanks.

Mitchell shares:

Out of curiosity I have undergone treatments at Bethesda, it came to my path coincidentally. Right away, I chose to do the whole package, the Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection, because I don’t like unfinished work. I’m a very down to earth person, all my life I say: "seeing is believing". For me personally, it was a big step. The moment you meet Caroline, you are instantly cured of the preconception "birkenstock caliber", what things like this often brings out. By her appearance and humor I instantly felt at ease. The first Healing took place in Caroline´s practice and the second at distance. It was a special experience, my body was filled with energy from my toes. It was as if you fill a bottle with liquid from the bottom below.

The second Healing at distance was even more intense. Again, energy being pumped into my body from my toes. I also had the feeling that several people were holding my legs on the mattress so I couldn’t move my legs. I also saw all sorts of signs and combinations of symbols pass by that I never had seen before in my life. And something was drawn from my left ear. It looked like a clot. Eventually I heard a hard pop and after that my hearing even got better. At the last moment I felt all kinds of drops, like rain, on my face and other parts of my body and everything went tingling, it was a good feeling.

During the Reconnection I experienced a same sort of energy feeling but after the session I was really calm and serene in my head. Considering I always was sort of an incited person, it is a strange sensation. Now, one and a half months later, I am still very calm and see things much clearer. I feel that I have found peace in my life. Also, before the treatments I always suffered of various allergies. Since I was very young I woke up with red eyes every morning. Now, I am no longer bothered by that. My strong allergy for dust mites, pets, trees and clumps is also history. A few weeks ago I visited friends and their cat jumped on my lap and I could just stroke her. I have not had any allergic reaction since the treatments. My energy level has also become much better. Earlier I had burnout symptoms, I no longer do now. My conclusion is that I am much more confident in life, I have never felt this way before. For me this is already a triumph, and certainly worthy an applause. Thank you Caroline.

Annie shares:

My decision to do Reconnective Healing was very resolute. I read about it on the internet and was immediately confident. This after a long search and trying everything to find relief or a cure for severe depressions in recent years, in which I was sinking deeper and deeper. This depression had years of drug addiction as a result. I did take 15 pills a day. I thought that was the worst, you do not function anymore and yet there is a great inner desire to be a happy person, a person which could mean something for someone else. On my one I couldn’t find any solution, that I already knew, because I had tried it several times. In recent years my life mainly consisted of staying in bed. Until I discovered Reconnective Healing and made an appointment with Caroline.

Right from the first treatment on a miracle happened. I can tell you a lot, but it remains a miracle. The melancholy disappeared, that same evening I only took a few pills to not suddenly stop everything, because that's not good. Now I am writing this four weeks later and I am still in a constructive process, that’s how I experience it. Sometimes there is a real feeling of happiness. I do not understand that there is no struggle or fight, not taking all those pills. What is this phenomenal power? I now have read the book by Dr. Eric Pearl and it really is a healing energy which you cannot compare with anything. I am really a down to earth person who thought that nothing would ever held. I cannot really comprehend it and sometimes it seems if I am dreaming. What a gift to this world where so many people still have a miserable existence.

I truly feel obliged to write a few lines here out of gratitude. It is very difficult for me to express my feelings, but it's the truth. Miracles do exist. Thank you Caroline that you have chosen to work with this energy to help (save) people. It works for everyone differently and I believe this immediately. Eric Pearl says that every one of God gets what he or she really needs.

Rebecca' story:

I decided to do the Reconnection, without really knowing what it was all about. I had full trust in Caroline and knew if she advised me to do this it must be a good thing. During the reconnection, I felt very relaxed and as light as a feather. I could feel my head and feet but the middle of my body was almost non existent.

Although I had no visions during the reconnection, I surely experienced wonderful things thereafter. I had not been able to drive my car on the motorway for almost ten years and I had consulted many doctors about this problem. No one was able to help me. Eight weeks after the reconnection I suddenly found myself driving on the motorway as if I had never done anything else. I did not even think about what I was doing .... and I am still driving and enjoying every minute of it!!

The second major change was my career. I had been working in a private bank for 15 years in a management position. The situation started to pull me down and it was becoming a big stress factor in my life (although I did not realize this at the time). I always felt the bank was my baby as I had been working there from day 1. I was sure that they would have to carry me out of the bank one day and that I would never be able to let go. One day I got up and knew the time was right to hand in my notice.

My life has changed in so many incredible ways. I feel so free and happy and know that this is thanks to the Reconnection. I wish you all the success in the world Caroline. You are a wonderful person with incredible abilities. I hope many people place their trust in you and the Reconnection. They will never regret it. Thank you so much for all you did for me. I will treasure this for the rest of my life!

Jessica, a well known English medium, shares:

Wow thank you so much for the healing. It was beautiful and you have strong energy. It felt like you were in the room with me, I could feel a tingling down my spine when you started, then around my head. I felt a lot around my solar plexus and stomach area. I felt and saw energy and light. It was a beautiful and a loving experience. You have the perfect balance of light and love when you are working and very powerful. I cannot thank you enough and love the idea of you seeing the angel wings on the truck lol xx Hope it all makes sense much love Jessica

Anky tells:

After reading Caroline´s website I knew immediately that I would do the Reconnection one day. Something happened to me and it felt good and familiar. I decided to read the book and bought it immediately. From the first page something happened to me and that remained until the end of the book! More than ever before I was convinced that this was what I wanted to do. I contacted Caroline and she advised me to first undergo a Healing in order to get used to the energy and as a preparation to the Reconnection.

The Healing was very special. Lying on the massage table Caroline began the session. A very comforting feeling surrounded me and it seemed I was very light. It is hard to describe. At a certain moment I saw a purple flash, 3 times, and after that blinking white light. My hands and feet were warm and tingling. Then I saw a man, for a very short moment. After that there was a man with a large roll of parchment paper. He said: "My name is Harvey and I want to teach you something about the universe". It was very special, I was able to communicate with him and it felt very familiar. It was unfortunate that the session had come to an end.

I was still lying very comfortably on the massage table with my eyes closed when Caroline started with The Reconnection. This was very different from the Healing but again very special. The energy was felt very much, I felt a lot of warmth and love. I also saw a lot of white light, flashes of light and the opening of a flower. From the middle of the flower I rose up and then the flower closed again and went to a bright white light. A women´s face appeared and white bright light was pouring out of her open mouth, like a vortex of air and clouds. Below there were planets and a gigantic white flash of light that contained an exclamation mark. I experienced a warm sensation in my abdomen, tingling on my head, in my hands and feet and uncontrolled movements of hands and feet. I saw balls of light and it felt as if someone was touching me. Very special.

Now, a few weeks later, I experience an unprecedented inner peace and a certain kind of knowing. I’ve had a number of special dreams and from time to time I feel energies surrounding me and I see little lights. When this happens I feel tingling and I know that some sort of transformation is going on ……

Martine tells:

In a period of six weeks I received two Reconnective Healings from Caroline and I have also chosen to undergo the Reconnection itself. I’ve experienced Caroline as a professional, very warm and open person. I look back on a very special period wherein I experienced with wonderment how strong certain parts of my body responded to the energy that was being canalized to it. In just a few weeks I noticed that my energy level has increased and when I’m doing things I have more focus. I feel fit and happy and confident about the future!

Marian tells:

From the beginning of the Healing, the energy was very much felt. Tinglings were felt in my head. The many thoughts in my head were bundled and released. A peaceful tranquility came over me. I sank into that deep peace. On many moments I saw flashes with white and golden light. It was so beautiful!!

I felt warmth and love in an extreme amount. It was an incredible experience, in which I could surrender to the Universe. I also felt that they really "worked hard on me", with a lot of love …. and I aloud it. In short, an unforgettable experience!

Mike tells:

I have a gluten allergy. The symptoms are shown primarily in my bowels. When I wasn’t feeling well I went to see Caroline for a healing. It was a very special experience.

Right away I came into sort of a meditative state, but I was still fully present. A white ball of light came towards me from which four Indians rose and surrounded me, together with colored, flickering light. Immediately they gave me a sense of familiarity. Then it seemed as if they were busy with my healing.

My body was warm and pleasant and at the location in my stomach, where I had much pain, it was tingling mildly and there was immediate relief. The special thing was that it also tingled in places of old injuries to my knee and shoulder. As if something had to be done there as well. In addition, during the session I felt so much joy, love and gratitude.

Since then my stomach feels better and I am dancing in the street. I am more joyous, as if I am awakened. Thank you Caroline, even though you say it is not you who is doing this.

Madelon tells:

Out of curiosity but also because I just had a very good feeling about this, I decided to receive a Reconnective Healing from Caroline. It was a very special experience.

To illustrate this I would like to share this special experience.

While Caroline was working on the healing it seemed like I was dreaming while I was awake. I saw all these special things and colors that had a personal meaning to me.

Most special of these images was that a little boy came to me, asking me for help. He asked if he could live with us. Of course I agreed with it.

Later it turned out I was just pregnant, while I didn’t knew (yet). I was waiting for my period later that week.

I recommend a Reconnective Healing by Caroline to everybody, whether you have an illness or just because you want to develop more. She is a very reliable, warm, loving woman, who’s serious and knows what she’s doing, while on the other hand doesn’t take life to serious with her fantastic humor at the perfect moment. A unique combination!

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