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The time we live in is special, it is an exciting new era. It seems like everything is going faster, like time flies. Things are in disorder, affairs that are not correct and sincere are being exposed. People are looking more for what they really want, they are looking for answers, for balance.

The frequencies, the vibration waves also change and literally move faster. The consciousness of people is growing enormously. We are in the middle of a shift, in a transition, that takes place right now as we speak.

There are always new discoveries. Thus there are always new healing methods. Conventional medicine and alternative medicine collaborate with each other and complement each other more and more. An example of this is the interesting movie: "The Living Matrix", which is about new, future ways of medicine. In this movie new methods are looked at from a scientific point of view. The Reconnective Healing ® and The Reconnection® by Eric Pearl are also being addressed.

Studies show that our DNA and our cells (biophotons) carry Light. The younger and healthier the cells, the more Light they contain. When our health is weaker, the Light in our cells dims. So complementing Light with Light strengthens the whole system. That is exactly what happens with Reconnective Healing®. Literally it means: Exchanging Light and information at all levels: physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Reconnective Healing® continues working on your cells, your DNA and your blueprint. Reconnective Healing has never been on earth before. It goes beyond science. Scientists around the world are fascinated by what happens during a Reconnective Healing session (see also Science on this website). Measurements have been performed which show that, once you come into contact with these frequencies, your body changes, your brain waves change, your heart waves transform and your gamma rays change.

DNA strengTo make a simple comparison, our DNA works like software on a computer and our brains are the hardware. Just like in a motherboard of a computer, many lines and dots (meridians, acupuncture points and chakra’s) that are connected with organs and emotions, basically with everything, run across our body. Just as we can install software on our computer in order to get better and faster information, the Reconnective Healing gives us better access to the field of Information around us.

Het Veld van Lynne Mc TaggertHet Intentie Experiment van Lynne Mc Taggert

An interesting book about this subject is: "The Field" by Lynne Mc Taggert and "The Intention Experiment" by the same author.

Scientists talk about the Zero Point energy field, mystics about the "the Sea of Light". They both name the ocean of energy in which we live. Each part in this field, humans, plants, animals, minerals, stars and galaxies are connected with each other, CONNECTED, and they affect each other. Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection helps to become Re-Connected with all that is. To become reconnected again with the original blueprint of who we are. It helps us to remember how we are meant to be, to shine from our heart.

Dr. Eric Pearl says: "We have temporarily forgotten that we are that Light. We have forgotten who we are. All we have to do is remember that."

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