Bethesda Practice for Reconnective Healing & the Reconnection

The Reconnection

The Reconnection is something different than a Reconnective Healing. The personal Reconnection is a "holy event"; you make the choice by yourself and you undergo this Reconnection only once in your life..

The Reconnection consists oftwotreatments of approximately one hour, including intake and evaluation, on two different days. The second treatment should take place within 72 hours, not more than 2 nights after the first treatment.

During the session you lie on a massage table with your clothes on and with your eyes closed. The personal Reconnection is a permanent commitment with yourself. You become reconnected with your personal blueprint, with who you are meant to be.

Originally, the meridians of our body were connected with a network that surrounds our planet. Indeed, these are not the meridians used in acupuncture. These network lines were meant for us to connect us to an immeasurable larger network and thus connect us to the whole universe. Over time we were disconnected from these lines. Now, during the shift on our planet, it is returning.

Planetary Grid System

It reconnects your body meridians, the axiatonal lines (these are more than 120 points), to the grid lines on the planet again, the so called ley-lines that connect us to the stars and planets. You become reconnected to the network that encompasses everything, so that exchange can take place at all levels. These lines are part of a timeless network of Intelligence, a parallel-dimensional circular system, that draws energy to restore the functions of the human body.

The book of knowledge by Hurtak In 1974 scientist J.J. Hurtak wrote about this in his book: "The Keys of Enoch, The book of Knowledge". Among other things, Hurtak is a mathematician, Egyptologist, geologist, archeologist and a musicologist. He wrote that there will be a time during which people will be RECONNECTED again. In paragraph 3.1.4 and 3.1.7 he writes about the individual Reconnection: "by a projection of Light and information, individuals can again be reconnected with their perfect blueprint." He also wrote about the axiatonal system.

Reconnection the HealingDuring the two sessions "I draw", so to speak, all the lines and connections, just above and along your body. There are as much as 120 points. Doing so, a beam of Light comes out of my hands. This is incredibly special. Our DNA strings become reconnected again. This is scientifically proven (see “Science”).

Some examples of what might happen after a personal Reconnection are:

It upgrades your system with your full potential.

The frequencies of the personal Reconnection continue to work for many months after the session. You will continue to change and your personal and spiritual growth will increase by leaps.

The individual Reconnection is 333,00 Euro. The price is the same worldwide (depending on the exchange rate). This number provides, energetically, for the transfer and the exchange. It is a very special number, from the sacred geometry, the holy trinity. The amount should be paid prior to the session.

Although not mandatory, for the personal Reconnection it is advisable to undergo one to three Reconnective Healing sessions.

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Bethesda Praktijk voor Reconnective Healing & the Reconnection