Bethesda Practice for Reconnective Healing & the Reconnection

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a complete new form of healing, that you can’t compare with anything else. It has never been on this planet before. It’s a new step in our evolution.

The energy frequencies of the Reconnective Healing works on quantum level. During a session you will be tuned to a type of broadband frequency, a bandwidth of Energy, Light and Information, which includes everything.

These frequencies accomplish communication between our cells mutually and it has an effect on our DNA. Reconnective Healing restructures our DNA, opens the interaction with the multidimensional body and provides access to regeneration and healing. It helps us to regain our balance and to get a deeper connection with ourselves.

During a session you are being connected to the field, the zero point field of comprehensive Love, from which improvement occurs. There is an exchange of Light and Information. Some people even see Light during a session or some have all kinds of other special experiences.

The Reconnection

After a Reconnective Healing session you are changed, in any way. Whether it is physically, spiritually or mentally. You will receive the Healing that the Universe finds the best for you. Sometimes it’s immediately visible and sometimes it takes weeks or months until you see how you’ve changed. Usually the type of Healing reveals itself in a form which you wouldn’t expect. The point is that what we need, not always matches with what we want. The perfect Universe is so incredibly intelligent and knows exactly what we need on a soul level.

reconnective handsThe energies continue working till long after the session. So it doesn’t stop after you walk out the door of my practice.

Eric Pearl says: "If you are lucky you receive the Healing you hoped for. If you’re really lucky you receive the Healing in a form you didn’t dare dreaming about. In a form which the Universe specially had in mind for you".

During a session you lie on my massage table with your clothes on and with your eyes closed. The only thing you need to do is lie comfortable. Open yourself and let it happen. I’m not touching you. I’m holding my hands centimeters above your head and body and I’m playing with the field of energy, so to speak. With my hands I search for those places where the energy feels the strongest. These are the gateways. Thus, there is an exchange of Light and Information and interference fields and blockades are cleared away. Then your body and mind begin to vibrate on your healthy blueprint, your appropriate frequency.

One session lasts about30 à 45 minutes, added with 15 minutes for intake and evaluation. In total approximately one hour.

3 Healingsare recommended. Preferably within a short period so that the process is put in motion well. Each Reconnective Healing is 66,00 Euro.This amount should be paid prior to the session.

Do not wear perfume or any other strong odor, like deodorant or hairspray.

Reconnective Healing is suitable for everybody, young and old, whether you have problems or not. It also works very well with animals and plants. I give Healings to horses on a regular bases, with great love.

Caroline met paard

  • Healing is the most natural practice in the World
  • We all can do it ...
  • And, consciously or unconsciously
  • Many of us do
  • It is simply the transmission of energy through the healer
  • It is simply the transmission of energy through the healer
  • Into the patient ...
  • There is only one essential qualification: LOVE ... LOVE IS ALL

The Reconnection

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Bethesda Praktijk voor Reconnective Healing & the Reconnection